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What Is the Common Process for T-shirt Design?

What Is the Common Process for T-shirt Design?

How exactly do you transfer your design onto an actual shirt? There are five different ways to get your design from the screen to your shirt. They are:

  • Screen Printing
  • Direct To Garments (DTG)
  • Dye Sublimation
  • Heat Press Printing
  • Vinyl Cutting

Screen printing is the most commonly used process, especially for professionals. It’s ideal for creating high-quality prints, but it can be time-consuming and unsuitable for hobbyists or small print runs. If you’re dabbling with t-shirt ideas, we recommend using the heat press process. For heat press printing, your design is printed on transfer paper, which can be found online or in most craft stores. Print your shirt design on transfer paper and position it on your t-shirt. From there, apply heat and pressure using an iron. The heat of the iron will soften the ink and will transfer it to your shirt. Peel the glossy part of the transfer paper back and voila. You have a beautiful, custom design t-shirt.

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